Services we offer

We cover all the bases – graphic design, website design and build, image retouching and 3D Illustration. And when you talk to us, you’re talking to the person that will be working on your job. We don’t believe in over-complicating anything, we just want to do the best job we can for you.

graphic design

Graphic Design

Developing a brand starts with a name and a logo, but it’s also much more than a logo.

It’s about developing visual cues that best communicate the business’ values. Importantly, it’s not only about what it looks like but how it sounds, and how it feels. What is the communication style? Friendly and professional, or direct and factual? All these elements help to build a successful brand, and how they are implemented across a wide variety of mediums is important so that your brand has a consistent voice yet is flexible depending on how it is applied.

We believe in simple and strong identities that are unique and have meaning. Once the brand logo is finalised, we look at the bigger picture of how we represent this on all communication pieces.

We’ve applied brand logos to websites, annual reports, food packaging, business signage, vehicle signage, animated web tiles, traditional stationery, email campaigns, brochures, pull-up banners, merchandise, and even as temporary tattoos!

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website design

Website Design

There are a lot of dreadful websites out there, our aim is to make sure yours isn’t one of them!

We can manage the design and build of your site from start to finish. Whether it’s a simple template that you’d like installed and customised, a completely unique website design built from the ground up, or even an online shop, we can look after everything for you.

We can optimise your site for Google, as well as installing analytics so that you can see whos been visiting.

We can also offer advice on who is best to host your site, how to set up emails on your computer or mobile device, and if you want we can even offer one-on-one training so that you can get a good grasp of how to manage your new website.

Should you require it, we can also take product photos for your website at our studio.

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3d illustration


They say a picture paints a thousand words. That has never been truer, especially when talking about 3D imagery.

We specialise in creative retouching and CGI, including custom 3D modelling, computer generated stills and animated sequences.

Often what you are visualising exists only in the imagination of one person, and now that vision has to be realised in a 3D program.

Using the latest technology anything is possible. Often what you see on TV or in magazines is not real, instead it is computer-generated to create the perfect image.

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